Photos with a taste of Singapore

On Pixelo all photos are totally free for all kind of use(Creative Commons CC0 Licence). What is special about those photos is that they are all made in Singapore. They might reminds you something about Singapore but not necessarily.


Pixelo aims to promote Singapore and his photographers through Insanely beautiful photos made in Singapore. We publish one extraordinay photo everyday.This photo is carefully selected for his uniqueness and originality.


For Who ?

There is no limitation for who can use the photos, but they probably interest people involved in communication and media. They can use the picture in their own brochures, websites etc…


How photographer can benefits from Pixelo ?

Pixelo select high quality photos and publish once a day only. Beeing published on our platform is a privilege for photographers. They can communicate about it through their own website/social accounts as a proof about the quality of their job. In addition to that we do publish profiles of photographers. They will enjoy our number of visitors and gain exposure, more visibility. Last but not least, we’ll bring traffic to their business with the link that we’ll display to their site/social account.


Only for singaporean ?

Photos are made in Singapore but we wish to spread them around the world. In fact you don’t see any reference about singapore(except logo color!) on the homepage because we don’t want visitors to think that this website is restricted to a certain community.


Who can upload photo ?

At that point of the project we want to make sure that photo are made in Singapore so only people living in singapore can upload photo. How we control that? Don’t know yet, we will figure out something very soon. For now, subscribe and upload your photo, we will contact every photographer by email.


Why that project?

I think Singapore has an amazing creative potential and this is because this country embraces and accepts people with differents backgrounds, cultures and religions. I’ve been living in Singapore for few years, this is a brilliant country and this is my contribution.


Who is behind the project?

Hi There, I'm Florian Mezy, Founder of the Digital Media Agency that drives your business forward: Innov Media Group. Throught Pixelo I’m doing what I am the best of : launching amazing online platforms.